Slot machines are one of the most liked games to gamble on at casinos. On any night, bargain on most of the slot machines to be packed with eager gamblers. They appear in a good selection of wagering levels; a few only cost five cents a play and others can cost upwards of $20 a play. Although slots are a betting tool, many individuals are afraid of the high-dollar card tables and like the delight and excitement of a good slot machine.

The first slot machine was assembled in Eighteen Ninety Five and was dubbed the "Liberty Bell." Created by a California machinist, the initial slot games had 3 spinning reels with diamonds, hearts, spades and a cracked Liberty Bell affixed on each. Prior to this invention, the term "slot machines" was employed to characterize various types of vending machines.

The initial across the board use of one armed bandits in US betting houses is attributed to the Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas somewhere around 1940. The head of the brick and mortar casino had originally thought the machines would be awesome to captivate apathetic wives of a few of the largest high roller customers of the casino. He did not anticipate that slot machines would be a fun activity for nearly everyone and that the appeal would go further than the apathetic wives. At this time, it is said, slot machines make up in excess of two-thirds of all revenue brought in by U.S. brick and mortar casinos.

Slot machines absolutely have a rich history. From the little creation of the late-19th century to the billion dollar sector of today, the slots will continue to grow in universal appeal.